Writing Assignment: Neujahr

  1. New year’s is the best time to reflect, look back and look forward.
  2. The silliest way to ring in the new year  is following old traditions about bad luck and stuffs.
  3. My family’s new year’s traditions are to stay home at New Year, throw coins in the house, wear something lucky on New Year, and light up noisy fireworks.
  4. Every new year, I like to just enjoy the company of my loved ones.
  5. I started my countdown for the new year at NEVER. :p
  6. What is my one wish for the world during the new year? I would like to wish for the world to never end. :p
  7. If I could be anywhere in the world at midnight on new year’s eve, I would go to Switzerland, because my closest cousins and aunts (not to mention Godmother) is there. ^_^
  8. Make a list of 15 words the new year makes you think about – why do these words come to mind?
  • Fun
  • Family
  • Noise
  • Firecrackers
  • Money/Coins
  • Good/Bad Luck
  • Dancing
  • Drinking/ Drunks
  • Food
  • Music
  • Countdown
  • New Beginnings
  • Circle-shaped Fruits
  • Karaoke
  • Picture Taking

–>  This words come to my mind because New Year is all about them.

Looking Back…

  1. The best thing I accomplished last year was getting to dance with my crush. ^_^
  2. The one word to describe my past year is GREAT , and this is why…
  3. The most exciting thing I did all year long was read and read super-kilig novels.
  4. How can I thank someone who helped me last year? In my way, I’ll heartily say “Thank You” and hug them.
  5. Something I did last year that I want to do again this year is to spend the holiday season with my cousins.
  6. The most important lesson in life that I learned in 2010 is to be just who you are. To not change you just because someone or something requires you to.
  7. My favorite place last year was Caluwayan Beach Resort. (Many cherished memories are there)
  8. What were the best things that happened during the last year? → The best things that happened last year was that we get to spend Christmas day and the New Year with my cousins from overseas. That me and my bff Siarah were still classmates. Onding and just talking through time with my chums. And still many more.
  9. The most important resolution I ever kept was to pray more. Let God be a part of my life.

10.  My favorite part of school last year was to enjoy. Includes cutting classes to go to the mall, reading novels even classes were going on, just enjoy, and maybe perhaps too much. 🙂

11.  The best month of last year was December!

12.  What is one regular practice I would like to adopt next year? To be able to spend happy times with my family and friends.

13.  I will miss last year because it’s the last year in highschool and we get to see and spend the Holidays with my cousins.

14.  The thing I was most excited about last year was to read my biased hero’s novel!!! xD

15.  The nicest thing I did last year was to not say something bad about someone even though they’ve said something bad about me.

16.  The most interesting person I met last year was no one.

17.  My best friends last year were Siarah, Leona, and Arianne  because they were with me all along. And they can withstand my nicest and my baddest. ^_~

18.  I was excited when I learned about Ninang Imelda hosting a Disco Party last year.

19.  The best journal entry I wrote last year was nothing. But I am thinking about really keeping one last year.

20.  The hardest thing I had to do last year was to say “NO” to somebody in a particular moment.

21.  I’m thankful that Ninang, kuya Hubert, ate Natascha along with her boyfriend kuya Lio, deciding to spend the Holidays here in the Philippines happened last year

22.  Something that I didn’t want to do last year, but that I’m glad I did, is nothing.

23.  The most important thing that happened all year (2010)was the simple fact that me and family is still together. 🙂

Looking forward…

24.  In the new year, I will still be standing, stonger and happier.

25.  Something I would change about last year is a certain admirer’s courtship.

26.  Five things that will change about me this new year are me looking down on people, me reading reading too much novels, me being not too open minded, me that is dependent to my family, and finally, me and my hair (hopefully).

27.  Something I’m looking forward to this new year is meeting new individuals to be my friends.

28.  My favorite part of the year is when me and my family get to enjoy on occassions, example is on holidays.

29.  One resolution that I really want to keep this year is about me and my prejudice.

30.  Something that I put off doing last year that I want to do this year is to save money all tear long.

31.  My biggest goal for this year is to find out my dream job, take the course, and manage to pass the subjects.

32.  One thing that I’m praying for this new year is for me to pass all the challenges that will come across my way.


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Doing It My Way :3


What I Would (Should) be Doing


Graduate in High school from the ever Prestigious Eastern Visayas State University


  • Starting and Ending my College life.
  • Having my “Pers Lab” ^___^
  • Will NOT Lose Connections to my BFF’s  >.<


Searching for a job at day and having a call center job at night (sideline).Having a stable job, and finally working as a permanent.


  • Partying ‘till I drop with my ever beloved friends.
  • Shopping!!!
  • Having an infatuation at someone and hopefully have a fling  :p (w/out being sexual >.<)
  • Bonding with my family


  • Focusing on my job
  • Having a great social life
  • Searching for my “Prince Charming” (eeeeep..!! hihi)
  • Get a Family Vacation
  • Married to my Prince, Destiny, and Soul mate ^_^


  • Produce an offspring. wooo!!
  • Building my very own family. Rearing my children as best as I can
  • Have our own Home ^^


  • Snuggling with my hubby
  • Letting my children see their grandparents.
  • Still Communicating with my Bff’s (MASKOT & SLACKS)
  • Building me & my hubby’s business


  • Convince my hubby to buy a family van.
  • Being a good child, wife, and mother
  • Spa with friends hihihi :p
  • Still Dating with my ever-beloved hubby

Mid 40

Being Depressed because I’m turning into an oLdie >.<


  • Teaching my kids good stuffs
  • Working for a much more closer family
  • Making business a success
  • Have already accepted being an oldie but works hard (Gym) to still have a great Bod.
  • Preparing my children to take over family business


  • Focusing on my kids’ studies. Telling them to be practical ^_~
  • Still working out (gym haha )
  • Having my 50th b-day party Fabulously with most loyal friends and ever beloved family
  • More Snuggles with my hubby


  • Me and Hubby is going Abroad!!! :3
  • Calls frequently to children.
  • Annoys children (in a good and loving way)
  • Savoring every moment with my husband             (Snuggling and walking the streets holding hands <3)
  • Asks to children if they already have love interests. ^___^
  • The rest is yet to come people. But I promise to make every moment count and live my life without regrets.                        -Misay :3

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Witnessing One of the Greatest Moments in Philippine History

It was never in his dreams that one day he would come to serve his country as being a President. He has a simple goal in life: to be true to his parents and our country as an honorable son, caring brother, and a good citizen. But since we gave him power, he stands on that pedestal, with a thousand Filipino eyes staring at him as he (his excelency himself) makes his vow to protect, serve, and engage.

“My father offered his life so our democracy could live. My mother devoted her life to nurturing that democracy. I will dedicate my life to making our democracy reach its fullest potential: that of ensuring equality for all. My family has sacrificed much and I am willing to do this again if necessary.” And with that Philippines is rest assured that he accepts the challenge to be our rightful leader. Once in his speech he said that he is also quite fed up with Officials reigning when they shouldn’t. His excellency said that he and together with the force behind him, is there not to reign but to serve.

Saying that his administration is the humble people’s voice was music to our ears. And we humble Filipino Citizens thanks his excellency for saying that. And with this thanks, also comes our hope that his excellency will stay true to his words.

It is not always easy becoming the President of the Republic of the Philippines. And being a President is not always about standing, power, and riches. It’s about showing your fellow countrymen that you can and will do your utmost best to be a good citizen and most of all a worthy leader. If we put our foot to his shoes you’ll say “Wow! It’s not easy alright.” I just wanna say that we should also do our best to be a good follower. We should not  complain about his excellency’s smallest mistakes. And most of all if we work together then the son’s of our son’s will surely see the Philippines as not just the land where he was born, but also as his Homeland.

“It is far more impressive when others discover your good qualities without your help. ”

~Author Unknown

-Olive Mae Am

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Feeling Nostalgic -.-

Nostalgic/Nostalgia:  The term nostalgia describes a yearning for the past, often in idealized form. Unhappy about being away and longing for familiar things or persons. A longing for home or familiar surroundings; homesickness; A bittersweet yearning for the things of the past. TT_TT

Source:  Google

Well, I really don’t know where to begin >.< *ahem*. When I hear these songs, I can’t help but to  remember some memories. Kinda feels sad knowing those days were the happy days 😦 . Felt like sharing it to the world so you know a little more about me. And I share with you my, what I call “depression”. Anyways, all of us has those days. Days when we feel like going back and reliving those happy moments just one last time. But we all know that it wont happen just because we wished for it xp. Anyways, we all have to grow up and move on…As for me..I’m fighting this urge to look up at the past. I have moments to live,memories to create so..chow~~  ^_~

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